Sunday, August 15, 2010

Steamed Thai Banana with Sticky rice in Banana leaf.

Steamed Thai Banana with Sticky rice in Banana leaf or " Khao Tom Mud " in Thai. This is very traditional Thai dessert. It made with sticky rice, Thai banana, coconut milk, sugar and banana leaves. Thai people know Khao Tom Mud in every city or village. This is dessert recipe but it is very filling and could be served as a main course. I love it, and it may be impossible to find person who had it before doesn't like eating it. I have to learn how to make this recipe. I have to imagine how did my grandmother make it for me since I was little. I saw people made it at my wedding too and I did research some more recipe to learn how to make Khao Tom Mud. It is fun to work on banana leaves to wrap the food. This is very talented to me to learn to appreciate banana leaf here because I can't just walk to my yard and tear the banana leaves from banana tree. Hope you enjoy very traditional Thai dessert.

1) 2 cups sticky rice
2) 3/4 cup coconut milk
3) 1/4 cup sugar
4) 1/2 salt
5) 7 ripe Thai banana
6) Banana Leaf

Preparation:1) Soak the sticky rice in water for 3 hours or overnight.
2) This is ripe Thai banana.
3) Peel bananas and cut into halves.
4) After soak sticky rice with water, drain and set aside.
5) In a pot, add coconut milk, salt and sugar. Turn on medium heat. Stir until ingredients are dissolved.
6) Add the sticky rice into a pot.
7) Stir constantly until the rice becomes tender and all the coconut milk is absorbed.

8) Remove from the heat and place to another bowl.
9) Cut banana leaves into 8"x10". Make sure you clean banana leaves very well and dry them off.
10) On a piece of banana leaf. Spoon sticky rice into the middle.
11) Place a sliced of banana on top of sticky rice.
12) Wrap it up as my photos are shown you how to wrap it step by step. Fold the bottom up over the filling.
13) Fold the top down to filling.
14) Then, fold the left and right corners to the center.

15) Place into the steamer.
16) When you finish work, bring to steam for 45 minutes or until sticky rice is cooked.

17) When it is cooked, you can see the banana leaves has been changed from green to brown. Remove from the heat and enjoy it. Remember we don't eat banana leaf.


  1. I am glad I stumbled into your blog. I love Thai food, and I live in Kennett Square! What type of rice is used for the sticky rice? If special, where can I find it? Is it necessary to use Thai bananas? If so, where can I find them?

  2. Hi , you are just few minutes from me. It is sweet rice, you can find them at Asian grocery at Exton. It is not necessary to use Thai banana. But if you can find them is great, what we used in Thailand. It is not easy to find them here. When I go to the city of philadelphai I never find them, sometime I see it but it is not ready to use, it still green, please come to visit my house sometime, I can take you to Asian market I normally go, one is in ext on,PA but the big one is in Washington ave, philadelphai.

  3. Thank you for the information. I would like to go to the Asian market with you sometime. I'll get in touch with you later. I am going out of town for a week. My name is Fred Shriner.

  4. Hi Fred, nice to know you here, you are welcome. It is so nice to find new friends from my blog. Feel free to come here for dinner anytime. My husband is artist, if you enjoy art and thai food. The Asiain grocery is in 11 marchwood road, exton PA 19341 and big one is wing phat plaza 1122 Washington ave, philadelphai PA. Only two place I go find thai ingredients. Some basic ingredients have in wegmans too.

  5. Hi Fred, how are you? I would like to invite you to join Chester county studio tour this weekend. Saturday and sunday. 10 am to 5 pm My husband is the artist. He paints traditional still live. We open the studio to show art work and sale art. I cook thai food for people to eat all weekend. I would love to invite you to the event.
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    Have a nice one Amporn

  6. Thank you for posting this with such great photos! I have been seachring for this recipe for ages and you've done it so beautifully!

  7. Very welcome :-) Alyce I am so happy you can use my recipe.

  8. I see a lot of other recipes initially cooking their rice with coconut milk and water, but I see how you only cook it with coconut milk and it comes out looking amazing! I like the simplicity here! Almost a 1:1 ratio of rice:milk is easy to remember when multiplying the recipe.

    I imagine that as long as you steam it long enough in step #2, that extra water wouldn't be necessary when initially cooking the rice?