Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ingredients of Thai Kitchen

Evaporated Milk

Evaporated Milk

Chu Chee Curry Paste

Water Chestnuts

Straw Mushroom

Shrimp Paste with Bean Oil

Pandanus Leaf

Black Sticky Rice

Mung Bean

Sour Mustard

Egg Noodle

Tamarind concentrate.
Sriracha hot chili sauce or Rooster sauce

Hoisin Sauce

Sweet chili Sauce

frozen package of spring roll wrappers 5”x5” 50 sheets

Thai Spring Roll Sauce

Masaman Curry Paste

The best coconut milk.

Lite soy sauce or think soy sauce

Shrimp Paste

Young Green Pepper Corn

Dried sliced mushroom

Thai Jasmine Rice ( Khao Hom Mali)

Sticky Rice (Khao Niao)

Yellow Curry Paste

Prik Khing Curry Paste

Green Curry Paste

Red Curry Paste
Red curry paste that available in most Asian supermarket

Lite Soy Sauce

Black Soy Sauce

Chilli Paste in Soy bean Oil (Num Prik Pao)

Soy Bean Paste

Oyster Sauce

Fish Sauce (Num Pla)
This is main ingredients in Thai cooking and sauces. Substitues for salt in most Thai dishes. Each brand has diffirent salt content that can affect the flavor of the food.

Palm Sugar (Num Tan Pip)

Shredded Bamboo Shoots
This is in a can that is easy to find and use in many recipes.

Coconut Milk
There is so many Thai curries, desserts and drinks are made with coconut milk, you can be found in almost any supermarkets.

Dried Chillies Peppers
We used dried chillies peppers alot with curry paste.I used dried chillies peppers with stir fried with cashew nuts( Phad Med Ma-Muang Him Ma Phan).

Pumpkin (Fak Thong)
I love to make Thai Pumpkin Custard( Sangkaya Fak Thong),sweet and creamy.

Taro (Pheuak)
I used Taro to make Thai dessert and steamed with rice (Khaow Op Pheuak)

It is small red onions.This is sweet,aromatic and has more flavor than onion. It is essential in Thai Cooking. We can use shallot with dessert also.

Garlic is general ingredients in Thai food and very good for our health.

Green Onions
Green Onions is used a lot in Thai Food like stir fries.

Cilantro (Phuk She)
It is herb that has unique flavor and popular in Thai food. I love cilantro. I have cilantro with most of my food.The root of cilantro has amazing flavor too but most of time I never can find cilantro with root.You can watch the root of cilantro very well then use with soup or ferment with fish before cook.

I always have lemon in the kitchen. Sometime I use it instead of lime.I can't tell how the flavor diffirent between lime and lemon. I used with salad.

I used alot in my kitchen with salad and soup.

Tamarind Paste (Ma Kham Piak)
This seedless tamarind paste. It can be used in Thai dishes.I cook one dish to make spicy sauce and bake with fish.

Ginger ( Khing)
It has little spice test on it,also rich,sweet and warm aroma.I used in spicy sauce and stir fries. It isn't difficult to purchase ginger.

Kra Chai
This root is used in flavering of curry. This ginger relative is popular in Thailand. It resembles long fingers jutting from a hand.I used in Stir-fried Spicy Fish (Phad Cha Pla) and Fish Curry with Noodle (Ka Nom Jean Num Ya)

Galangal ( Kha)
This is used in soup and curry past. It's root like ginger but larger than ginger and it testes milder than Ginger.I never find fresh one, I always got in frozen.

Kaffir Lime Leaves ( Bai Ma Grood)
Normally,we don't eat the leaf itself. Some dish is used whole leaf like Tom Yum Soup.Some dish I sliced very thin for Fish Cake (Tod Mun). It's very important for curry past too. You can find in frozen, dry or fresh.

Thai Sweet Basil ( Ho Ra Pa)
This fragrant basil is used in most curry dishes such as green curry and red curry.We used in some stir fry dishes as well. Sweet basil is the most widely known and often used.

Lemon Grass ( Tra Krai)
This is herb that very good for nervous systems. You can make Lemon Grass juices. It's really really good refreshing. This herb is use with some curry paste, Tom Yum Soup or Tom Kha Soup.

Thai Chili Peppers (Prig Kee Nu)
There are so many kind of chili pepper in Thailand. Different ones are used different dishes but the most famous must be Thai Chili Peppers. You can find in Asian grocery or sometime You can find in grocery stores in the US like Wegmans or produce junction.You can keep it frozen or I usually buy big bag and wash the pepper. Let it dry then keep in a freezer bag and freeze until you ready to use it. I like this way, it is a lot easier to slice when it is frozen.Personally,I like spicy food. I always have stock in my kitchen.


  1. Ok. Now I know most of the ingredients. Can I come over and eat there?!!! We dabble, but your food is the best Amporn. See you soon...

  2. It was nice to see you again and thank you for coming Brian.

  3. You've done a great job! I love all the step by step photos. Would you publish your recipe for Pad Thai? Also, since I prefer less spicy dishes, would you rate the rate the recipes by how hot they are?

    Can't wait to try my first recipe!

  4. Thank you! Keren. I hope this blog could help you to cook Thai food. I just put Phad Thai on the blog. You can check it anytime. Enjoy

  5. Thank you so much for sharing how to make Thai food. love to eat thai food.

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