Friday, December 9, 2011

Thai rice noodle nests with fish curry sauce

Thai rice noodle nests with fish curry sauce or Kanom Jeen Nam Yaah Ka Tee Pla : ขนมจีนน้ำยากะทิปลา. I don't know why I and my husband have never got enough of this recipe. I tried to make the sauce from the mushrooms last time, I found out that I love to have it with fish curry sauce more than the mushrooms sauce. When you see my pictures show you how to make the dish, you would think it is very complicated to cook it, but it is not. There are only 3 parts to make the dish, the noodles, the fish curry sauce and the vegetables. It is really easy and worth taking a time to cook a healthy dish for you and family.

Ingredients for the sauce :
1) 1 fillet while fish
2) 1/2 cup of coconut milk
3) 2 Tbsp fish sauce
4) 4 Tbsp Num Ya Curry Paste
5) 10 roots of krachai
6) 9 cloves garlic
7) 4 shallots
8) 4 cups water.
9) 1/2 Tbsp sugar
10) 1 tsp salt
11) 2 Tbsp canola oil

Vegetables for the side dish :
1)bean sprouts
2)long green beans
4) morning glory
5) cabbage

1 Package of vermicelli noodle.

1) This is one package of the vermicelli noodle. I cooked the whole pack for this recipe, that seems too much noodle for two of us. If you don't want lot of leftover of noodle. I will recommend to use half of the package.
2) Pour 4 cups of water in a wok, bring to boil on high heat, add the noodles to boil for 5 minutes or until soft.
3) Then pour out hot water and rinse in cold water. Grab a handful of cooked noodles, roll the noodles around your hand, and place it on a plate.

4) Peel garlic and shallots, clean Krachai. Wash a fillet of while fish.
5) In a pot, pour 4 cups of water, add 1 tsp of salt then bring to boil when the water is boiling, add garlic, shallots, krachai and fish into the pot. Let it boils for 5-8 minutes or until all ingredients are soft. Turn of the heat.
6) In a mortar, add 4 Tbsp Num Ya Curry Paste.
7) Add cooked garlic, shallots and krachai roots.
8) Use your mortar and pestle to grind ingredients gently.
9) Add cooked fish and use the mortar and pestle to grind up again. These steps you feel free to use the food processor to safe your time and energy but I love to use my mortar and pestle for a change sometime. 10) Here I got a Num Ya Paste. Look good and I am going to show you the fun steps to make the sauce.
11) Add canola oil into a pot on a medium heat.
12) When the oil is hot, add the kanom jeen nam yaah paste to stir fried until fragrant.
13) Add coconut milk into the pot and stir regularly to prevent sticking at a bottom.
14) Add 2 cups of the remaining of soup from the pot. Seasoning with fish sauce and sugar then remove from heat.
15) Wash all vegetables.
16) Scald morning glory for 30 seconds. Then set aside.
17) Slice green beans, cabbage and cut cucumber into small pieces then set aside.
18) Here we are about to ready to eat!
19) You put the vegetables on the bottom of your dish. You can put it much as you want, if you like to eat vegetables.
20) Arrange the cooked noodle on top of the vegetables.
21) And serve with hot Thai fish curry sauce. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thai fish cake

Thai fish cake or Tod Mun Pla: ทอดมันปลา in Thai. Thai fish cake is easy to make. It's really tasty by itself and it can be served with cucumber dipping sauce which sounded good. Here I am sharing my recipe and pictures of Thai fish cake with you, trying to re-create what I had in my kitchen. They are as good as they get. I really like it.

1) 2 Lbs Tilapia fillet
2) 2 eggs
3) 3 Tbsp red curry
4) 4 kaffir lime leaves
5) 1 cup slice long green beans
6) 2 and 1/2 Tbsp fish sauce
7) 1 Tbsp sugar
8) 1/4 tsp salt
9) 1 cup canola oil

Ingredients for cucumber dipping sauce :
1) 1/2 cucumber
2) 3 sprigs cilantro
3) 1 green onion
4) 1 shallot
5) 3 hot Thai chilies
6) 4 Tbsp white vinegar
7) 2 Tbsp sugar
8) 1/4 tsp salt
9) 2 Tbsp ground roasted peanuts
10) 1/2 cup of water

1) Wash tilapia fillet, pat dry.

2) This is kaffir lime leave from my garden. I am so excited to cook from it.
3) Wash kaffir lime leaves and remove central stems and thinly sliced. 4) Wash long green beans , cut long green beans both end, and slice into small pieces.
5) slide tilapia into 2" lengths, put into food processor and blend well.

6) Add red curry paste, and mix together.

7) Add 2 eggs.
8) Add fish sauce, sugar and salt then blend all ingredients until sticky.
9) Add thinly sliced kaffir lime leaves.
10) Add cut long green beans.
11) Mix well.

12) In a pan, add 1 cup of canola oil on medium heat. When the oil is hot spoon of mixture to deep fry into a oil, form into small 2-3 inch diameter cakes.
13) Fry in oil until golden brown on both sides.
14) Drain on paper towel.

15) Wash all vegetables for making cucumber dipping sauce. There is sliced shallot to add in a dipping also which I forgot to make a photograpgh.
16) Thinly slice all vegetables.
17) Heat the water, vinegar and sugar in a sauce pan until the sugar dissolves.
18) When the mixture get cold, mix everything together.

19) Put the fried fish cake on a plate and serve with cucumber dipping sauce.