Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stir-fried Plain Noodle with Shrimp

Stir-fried Plain Noodle with Shrimp or "Phad Mee Song Kerng" in Thai. This is very easy and yummy noodle dish that I would love to share with you. I hope you enjoy it.
1) 15 shrimps
2) 1 carrot
3) 2 cups cut Napa
4) 6 dried shitake mushroom
5) 1/2 pack of plain noodle
6) 5 green onions
7) 1 onion head
8) 2 Tbsp oyster sauce
9) 2 Tbsp thin soy sauce
10) 3/4 Tbsp sugar
11) 1 Tbsp lime juice
12) 2 Tbsp canola oil
1) Clean and peel shell shrimps.
2) Soak dried shitake with water for half an hour or until soft.
3) This is plain noodle. I used only half package.
4) Pour 8 cups of water on a pot to boil on high heat. When the water is hot, add noodle to boil for 7-8 minutes.
5) Drain and set aside.
6) When the shitake is soft. Press out of water and cut the stem.
6) Then slice into 1 " length.
7) Peel carrot and cut the end of green onions. Wash dirt.
8) Cut green onions into 1 " length and shred carrot.
9) Wash napa and cut into a bite size.
10) Peel onion and wash dirt, and cut into small pieces.
11) Heat canola oil in a pan on medium heat.
12) When the oil is hot, add cut onion into the pan , stir fry until fragrant.
13) Add shrimps.
14) Season with sugar, thin soy sauce, oyster sauce and lime sauce.
15) Stir until shrimps are getting cook.
16) Add sliced mushroom and shredded carrot.
17) Stir well until all ingredients mix well.
18) Add cooked plain noodle.
19) Mix all together.
20) Add cut napa.
21) Mix thoroughly.
22) Add cut green onions.
23) Stir well until all ingredients get mix together. Enjoy your stir-fried plain noodle with shrimp.

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