Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vegetarian Stir fried yellow noodle

 Vegetarian Stir fried yellow noodle or Phad Mee Leang Jay; ผัดหมี่เหลืองเจ.
1) 1/2 package of  Lo Mein Noodle or 8 OZ ( 227g)
2) 10 dried Shiitakae mushroom
3) 5 carrot
4) 1 cup  Chinese chives
5) 2 cups bean sprouts
6) 4 cloves garlic
7) 1 Tbsp vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce
8) 2 Tbsp thin soy sauce
9) 1/2 Tbsp sugar
10) 1 tsp ground pepper
11) 2 Tbsp canola oil

1) Soak dried shitakae mushrooms with 2 cups water until soft.  This is noodle I use for the recipe.
 2) Pour 6 cups of water into the pot on high heat.
 3) When the water is boiling, put yellow noodle to boil for 3 minutes.
 4) When the yellow noodle is cooked, drained and set aside.

 5) Peel carrot, garlic, When mushrooms are soft, press out all water, cut stems, and slice into 1" length. Wash Chinese chives.
 6) Cut  carrot and mince garlic.
 7) Slice mushroom into 1" length and cut Chinese chive into 1 and 1/2 " length.
 8) Wash bean sprout.
 9) Ingredients for seasoning.
 10) Use the mortar and pestle to grind pepper.
 11) Heat oil in a pan on medium heat.
 12) When oil is hot, add minced garlic, fry until fragrant.
 13) Add cut carrot. Stir fried until almost cook.
 14) Add sliced mushroom.
 15) Add cooked noodle.
 16) Add ground pepper, vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce, thin soy sauce and sugar.
 17) Stir fry until all ingredients mix well.
 18) Add cut Chinese chives then mix together.
 19) Turn off the heat, add beans sprout then mix thoroughly.

 20) place Stir-fried yellow noodles on a serving plate and serve immediately. Enjoy !


  1. Love this blog! So excited to find a connection to my culture! The recipes are detailed and presented so well! Thanks for making a novice Thai cook excited to learn how to cook authentic food!

  2. Thank you very much. That is very nice message. I am glad you find it's useful and enjoy it.