Monday, November 4, 2013

 Phad Kana tofu krob. Vegetarian stir fried crispy tofu with Chinese Broccoli. ผัดคะน้าโทฟุ

1) 1 package of fried tofu crispy
2) 5 stalks of Chinese broccoli
3)  6 fresh chillies 
4) 9 small cloves garlic
5) 2 Tbsp vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce
6) 1 Tbsp soy bean paste
7) 2 Tbsp seasoning sauce
8)  4 Tbsp water
9)  1/2 Tbsp sugar
10) 2 Tbsp canola oil

1) Discard yellow or hard leaves of Chinese broccoli , peel stems skin then wash dirt.

 2) Then cut leaves into 2" length, slice the stems into 2" length.
3) Cut fried tofu into a 1/2 centimeter.

 4) Peel garlic. Pick up the hot Thai chili from stems.
 5) Cut hot Thai chili in half and nice garlic.

6) Put canola oil into pan with medium heat.
 7) When oil is hot put cut chili and minced garlic on the pan, stir fry until fragrant.
 8) Add cut fried tofu. Keep stir well until tofu is getting cook and crispy.
 9) Add sugar, seasoning sauce, vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce and water.
 10) Stir fry until all ingredients get together.
 11) Add cut Chinese broccoli.
 12) Stir fry until Chinese broccoli is getting cook, then remove from the heat.

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  1. This looks amazing and fresh, yum! I will make this tonight