Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Amporn’s Thai Kitchen is inspired by my need to cook authentic Thai food for my family and friends here in the United States. I was born in Udonthani, Thailand. I never learned how to cook while I lived in Thailand, because it's so easy to find good Thai food everywhere you go, all the time. When I first arrived the America, my husband, David, had to teach me the basics of cooking Thai food. Our business has us travelling all around the country, and we tried many of the Thai restaurants we found. It made me realize that I should try to make Thai food. I have been teaching myself every day, here at home. I started with some easy dishes at first. I learned more and more, and David always says this is the best Thai food that he ever had in this country. I had a chance to cook for our family and many of our friends. They all love to eat my food and they always want to learn how to make Thai food. This is why I would like to share what I've learned with anyone else that wants to learn. Although, it is difficult to find all the Thai ingredients to use, most of the time I have to adapt the recipes to use local ingredients while still maintaining the authentic Thai taste. Once you start to learn you will realize that cooking Thai food is not as complicated as you think. Enjoy it!!!!

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  1. Hi Amporn, what a wonderful blog! I've been enjoying going through all your recipes. Your step by step instructions and photos are great. I love Thai food and attempt to cook it from time to time. Now with your blog, I have a great reference. Keep up the excellent work and I'll be back to see what's cooking.