Friday, January 29, 2010

Mung Bean Thai Custard

Mung Bean Thai Custard or "Khanom Mor Kaeng" in Thai. That's sweet and creamy with mung bean custard. When we go down to the beach or somewhere that pass Cha-Um or Hua Hin, We will always stop at these food shop from roadside which selling Khanom Mor Kaeng. We never miss to stop by those food shop from roadside. Phetchaburi is very famous for this Thai dessert. To me since I have been leaving here in the State, I always buy from Thai temple at Bensalim, PA. I and my husband like to have it for dessert or with cup of coffe. So I should try to make this dessert.

1) 1 1/2 cups hulled mung beans
2) 5 eggs
3) 1/2 tsp.
4) 1 can coconut milk
5) 5 pandanus leaves ( water 1 cup pandanus leaves extract)
6) 1 cup palm sugar
7) 4 shallots
8) 5 Tbsp.canola oil
9) 2 Tbsp rice flour

1) Solk mung beans with water for an hour

2) after that put mung beans into strainer. and bring to steam 30 minuts or untill cooked.

3) and bring to steam 30 minuts or untill cooked.

4) Peel shallots, wash dirt, pat dry, and thinly slice.

5) Place wok on medium heat, add oil, when oil is hot,

6) add sliced shallots.

7) fry untill fragrant and crisp, drain on paper tower.

8) cut the pandanus leaves into 3 " long and put to the food processor with 1 cup of water for getting pandanus leaves extract.

9) Sift pandanus leaves extract and set aside

pandanus leaves extract

10) In a mixing bowl, beat eggs, put salt, coconut milk, pandanus leave extract, rice flour and palm sugar

11) mix well until all ingredients are dissolved then set aside.

12) mashed or scratch mung beans into small pieces, here i used the blender.

13) after blending mung beans together put into the mixing bowl. and get ready to move in a pot for the mixture becomes thickened

14) In a pot, heat this mixture with low heat.

15) stir it until the mixture becomes thickened

16) Remove from the stove and pour it on a baking pan, Make sure that the pan is of the right size so that it allows the mixture to lay about 1 inch thick.

17) Bake for 45- 60 minutes

18) bake untill golden brown on the top.Remove and top it with the fried onion shreds while the custard is still hot. Some put the onion on it a few minutes before the custard pan was taken out from the oven. It should be left cold before serving. enjoy!

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