Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jackfruit stuffed with sweet black sticky rice

Jackfruit stuffed with sweet black sticky rice or "Khao Neow Dum Khanun; ข้าวเหนียวขนุน". This is something that I have never had it in Thailand but I want to make this recipe to try in my house. My photo can describe the taste of the dish. There is not much else to say more about this dessert that the colors and the flavors work excellent. This recipe is pictured above,you can see some sprinkle of roasted sesame seeds and garnish with mint. I can't have it enough.Yum!

1) 1/8 cup Black sticky rice
2) 1 Cups white sticky rice
3) 1/4 tsp salt
4) 1 cup coconut milk
5) 1/4 cup sugar (If you like too sweet you can add some more sugar)
6) 2 pandanus leaves
7) 1 tsp roasted sesame seeds (Optional)
8) 1 sprig mint (Optional)
9) 2 Lb. Jackfruit

1) Prepare 1/8 cup black sticky rice and 1 cup white sticky rice. There is many brands of black rice but the best you find product of Thailand. Then Soak the sticky rice in the water for overnight.
2) Drain and bring to steam for 20-30 minutes or until sticky rice is cooked..
3) Place 2 pandanus leaves on top and the bottom. ( See photos )

5) If the sticky rice is cooked you can see the grains look clear.
6) This is fresh jackfruit that I got from Asian store. This is 2 Lb.
7) Here is photos I show you how to open the jackfruit. It has seed inside that we have to cut and open to take the seeds out. If you remember my Thai recipe dessert called Kha num Med Kha nun . It look like seed of jackfruit.

8) While we’re waiting for the rice to be cooked, prepare coconut milk, sugar and salt to mix with it. Bring the mixture to boil on medium to low heat. Stir frequently until sugar dissolve. When the mixture is boiled, turn the heat in low.
9) After the rice is cooked. Put the steamed rice into the pot and stir quickly until the coconut get in the rice.
10) Let the sticky rice and the mixture thoroughly mix thoroughly for few minutes.
11) Things you will need for the next steps.
12) Stuff each piece of jackfruit with sticky rice.

13) Sprinkle roasted sesame seeds and garnish with mint or you can just eat plain.

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  1. That sure looks delicious to me and I think that smells good too with that pandan and mint plus the flavor of the jackfruit. Notwithstanding the benefits you can get from black rice, this is one hell of a dish. Thank you for sharing this. I will surely thy this at home.