Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Son in Law Eggs

Son in law eggs or “Khai Look Kheuy: ไข่ลูกเขย in Thai. This is a Thai traditional celebration dish. You can served as appetizer. I will show you how to make it look yummy and fancy way.I think Son in law eggs is funny name of the food but I have heard few stories as to the origin of this dish’s name. Anyway they are all different. I will tell you one version that I am really like. When a wife was on her vacation, her mother visited her home and there was only the husband in the house and he had to cook something for his mother in law. There was only leftover hard boiled eggs and basic ingredients in the kitchen, he reheated the eggs by deep frying them. Then he put what he can find in the kitchen like tamarind juice, sugar and fish sauce into the pan to make a sauce and he forget about the sauce in pan until it was thick. Then he poured sauce over the fried eggs and served them to his mother in law who was truly impressed. She is keep talking about her son in law eggs every time and everywhere she went. Son in law eggs is made from deep-fried hard boiled eggs, which have been cut into halves or quarters, and topped with a sour and sweet tamarind sauce and fried shallots. then garnish with cilantro. I made Khai Look Kheuy with my mother-in-law two years ago. I desired to reentry the recipe with my new kitchen so I can have better presentation.

1) 9 eggs
2) 8 shallots
3) 3/4 cup of canola oil

Ingredients for the sauce:
1) 3 Tbsp. palm sugar
2) 3 Tbsp fish sauce
3) 4 Tbsp tamarind juice
4) 5 sprigs cilantro

1) Bring eggs to boil until cooked.
2) Soak tamarind paste with warm water for 15-20 minutes or until soft.
3) After that squeeze tamarind paste in a small bowl with your fingers until you take a part the paste ,seeds or fiber. Then strain and discard fibers.
4) I use the mortar and pestle to break up the palm sugar.
5) Peel shallots then wash cilantro and shallots.
6) Thinly slice shallots and cut cilantro stems into small pieces.
7) When the eggs are cooked, place them to sit in cold water to let them cold down for 15 minutes.
8) Peel hard bolied eggs and set a side for frying.
9) Before you bring the eggs to fry. Make sure the eggs are dry.
10) Heat 3/4 cup oil in a wok on medium to high heat.
11) when oil is hot add sliced shallots to fry.
12) See the shallots turn colour to gold .
13) Take it out from the wok and drain in paper tower, set aside for garnish the dish and the sauce.
14) Bring hard boiled eggs to fry until the eggs turn golden brown around the outer surface.

15) Remove and drained on paper tower.

16) Heat a sauce pan and add tamarind juice 4 Tbsp.
17) Add 3 Tbsp palm sugar.
18) Add 3 Tbsp fish sauce .
19) Stir over low heat for a few minutes until palm sugar dissolved. Keep the stir the mixture constantly, until the sauce thickens.
20) Add some of fried shallots and cut cilantro stems.
21) Mix all ingredients together.
22) Cut the eggs in half vertically and place them face-up on a serving dish.

22) to drizzle the eggs with the sauce and garnish the remaining of fried shallots and cilantro leaves.
Enjoy it. :-)


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