Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Northern noodles with shrimp curry Sauce

Northern noodles with shrimp curry Sauce or Khao Soy : Khao Soi :ข้าวซอย " in Thai. I made Khao Soy for our lunch today. I used dried noodles. If you have egg noodle on hand would be great for this recipe. I try to use turmeric powder in the dish. This is very good Thai dish I want to recommend you to try it. If you see in the menu any Thai restaurant, you would try to order this. This is not frequently served in Western Thai restaurants. I am sure you would love to have it again. Khao Soy is typically a rich gravy poured over soft noodles, then topped with the same noodles but crispy but I didn't fry the noodles put on top of the dish but it still tastes good.

1) 20 medium shrimps
2) 1 Tbsp curry powder
3) 1 tsp turmeric powder
4) 3" length ginger
5) 3/4 Tbsp palm sugar
6) 4 Tbsp fish sauce
7) 2 cup coconut milk
8) 3 Tbsp red curry
9) 2 cups water
10) 4 Tbsp lime juice
11) 2 coils dried noodles.
12) 2 Tbsp canola oil

For the side dish:
sprigs cilantro
1 package sour mustard

1) Peel shrimp and pat to dry.
2) Red curry paste and coconut milk.
3) Wash all vegetables. Set aside.
4) Peel ginger skin and thinly slice.
5) Grind ginger in the mortar.

6) Add red curry into the mortar then crush until well blend.

7) In a pot, heat canola oil on medium heat.
8) When the oil is hot add crushed red curry and ginger.
9) Stir until fragrant.
10) Add shrimps. Stir for 2 minutes.
11) Add curry power and turmeric powder. Then continue to stir for a minute.
12) Add coconut milk into the pot.

13) Let the mixture simmer for 1 minute then add water into the pot.
14) Seasoning with thin soy sauce, lime juice and sugar. Stir well then remove from the heat.

15) Dried noodle. Here I used 2 coils. Good for 2 serving.
16) Bring water to boil in high heat. Add noodle to boil for 3-5 minutes or until the noodle is done.
17) Drain and set aside.
19) Bring water to boil the sour custard for 10 minutes. Drain, rinse in cold water, and thinly slice for the side dish.

20) Put the noodles in a bowl, pour curry sauce, add sliced pickled mustard and diced shallots, cilantro leaves.
Put the cooked noodle.
Then pour the curry sauce on top of the noodle
Garnish with the side dishes such as chopped cilantro, sliced shallots and slice sour mustard.

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