Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thai Mung Bean Noodle Spicy Salad

Thai Mung Bean Noodle Spicy Salad or Yum Wun Sen ; ยำวุ้นเส้น in Thai. This is another spicy salad dish that I love to eat. It is refreshing salad includes shrimps. I made Yum Wun sen last time with kinds of difference way and ingredients. Please click to see but  I like this recipe the most.

Ingredients:1) 1 coil mung bean noodle
2) 20 shrimps
3) 1/2 head of white onion
4)  1 tsp sugar
5) 2 Tbsp lime juice
6) 2 Tbsp fish sauce
7) 2 Tbsp water of pickle garlic
8) 1 tomato
9) 8 Thai fresh chilies
10)  1 lime
11)  1 cup of Chinese celery

1) There are all ingredients that you will need. Bring mung bean noodle to soak water for 10 minutes. Drain and cut in half. Peel shrimp. Clean and cut Chinese celery into 1 " length, peel onion and thinly sliced. Clean and cut tomato into small pieces. Remove stems from chilies. Cut chilies into very small pieces.
2)  Pour 4 cups water in a pot, bring to boil on high heat. In the mean time grind half of shrimps.
3) In a mixing bowl, add sugar, lime juice, water of pickle garlic, fish sauce and cut Thai hot chilies. Stir well until sugar dissolve and and taste for your own flavors.
4) When the water is billing, cook shrimps in the pot, then place into a mixing bowl. Stir well.
5) Boil water again, scald mung bean noodles until clear  then place into a mixing bowl.
6)  Then stir thoroughly until noodles get into the hot sauce.
7) Add all vegetables into a mixing bowl.
8) Toss again.

9) Spoon the Yum Wun Sen on a plate, and serve immediately.
Enjoy spicy  salad.

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