Friday, February 26, 2010

Florida Trip

Finally, our show of year 2010 is about starting. This is our first trip of year. We went to Naples, Florida for a show last week. This is my favorite part of the trip that we can visit our family on the way to Florida. We stopped by my husband's brother 's house in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and we stopped to visit my husband's father in Tampa, Florida. We stayed with great uncle and his lovely wife of my husband at Naples, Florida while we did a show the whole time. We really enjoyed to see them all the time and really appreciate everything that they had been done for us. I was touched that they offered to help. The best part of our trip for a show is find great Thai restaurant to eat and remember their recipe to cook at home. We had 3 Thai restaurants, one is in Sarasota, Florida, second one is in Tampa, Florida and we had lunch at Savannah, Georgia. Non of them satisfy my husband. Maybe I spoiled my husband too much. It is really hard to find authentic Thai food in the restaurant because here is America and they have to make the best Thai food for American taste. I saw friend of mine order Panang Curry with shrimps and they put broccoli, mushroom, green bean and asparagus with Panang Curry. I feel like they wanted to get rid of those fresh vegetables on that dish but I totally understand that they have to adapt the ingredients for American. I always learn from the menu in Thai restaurants and adapt to my kitchen. So every time I went to Thai restaurants and I can't wait to come home and cook authentic Thai food in my kitchen.

Thai restaurant at Tampa, Florida.

Thai restaurant at Sarasota, Florida.

Thai restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.

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