Saturday, February 6, 2010

Phad Thai

Phad Thai is most popular of Thai cuisine. Everyone loves Phad Thai. I hope this page can help you to make Phad Thai from your kitchen. First time, I cooked Phad Thai I bough Phad Thai sauce which from the jar because easy way to cook the dish and I have no idea how to cook Thai food at all. I just follow the direction from the label of Phad Thai Sauce. It 's too much sweet, red and oily Phad Thai. After I learn to cook again and again I think great Phad Thai is dry and light bodied with fresh, complex and balanced flavor of all ingredients together. Actually, I don't see the red and oily Phad Thai in Thailand much but it's common in lot of Western Thai restaurants. Here I show you how to make your own Phad Thai Sauce. That's simple way to make it and you can make the extra and keep in your refrigerator for future Phad Thai. When we serve Phad Thai we like to serve with fresh vegetable, ground peanut, ground dried chillies and slice lime. Now you can say Phad Thai is simply wonderful and enjoy!

1) 1/2 Lb. rice noodle
2) 15 medium shrimps
3) 1/4 cup dry shrimp
4) 2 eggs
5) 1/2 cup roast peanut
6) 4 Tbsp canola oil
7) 3 shallots
8) 3 cloves garlic
9) 2 cups bean sprout
10) 2 cups Chinese chives ( or garlic leaf or green onion)
11) 2 cups diced extra firm tofu

Ingredients for Phad Thai Sauce
1) 1/4 Cup tamarind juice
2) 5 Tbsp lite soy sauce (or fish sauce)
3) 2 Tbsp Palm sugar

Preparation for Phad Thai Sauce
1) Put tamarind juice into wok with low heat

2) Add lite soy sauce

3) Add palm sugar

4) Mix all ingredients get together until palm sugar get melt

5) Remove from heat and pour into bowl set aside for Phad Thai dish

1) Soak dry noodle for 10-15 minutes or until noodle get soft. ( see photos)

2) Prepare dry shrimps and peel the shell of shrimps and clean very well.

3) Wash Chinese chives. Cut Chinese chives into 2" length.

4) Wash bean sprout very well.

5) Cut extra firm tofu into small pieces

7) Chop garlic and shallots

8) Use mortar and pestle ground peanuts.

9) Heat oil on pan in medium.

10) When oil get hot then add chopped garlic and shallots into the pan.

11)Stir until fragrant.

12) Add tofu into the pan and stir for a minute.

13) Add dry shrimps into a pan.

14) Next add fresh shrimps.

15) Add Phad Thai sauce into the pan and stir until srimps is cooked.

15) Add noodle and stir until the sauce cover all noodles.

16) Make room for eggs in the middle, scramble with spatula, and spread eggs in a thin layer until cooked

17) Add Chinese chives mix all ingredients thoroughly.

18) Add ground peatnut and mix all together.

19) Add bean sprout, be sure don't cook bean sprout too long.

20) stir well and make sure everything mix together and enjoy!


  1. Yum. This is the first dish I'm going to make once I've dug out from the storm. Thanks!

  2. try to make and let me know how is it?

  3. This is one of my favourite dishes and I would so love to learn how to make it properly.

    Unfortunately it's difficult finding some of the ingredients where I live in the UK

  4. What is ingredients you do not have in UK? You can find something you have to use with your phad Thai. You can use venigar substitute tamrind and it does not have be palm sugar. You can use cabbage substitute bean sprout.
    By the way my facebook disable for now. I cant update new recipe to all of my fan. You can come directly to check my blogspot incase I donot have my account on facebook back. have a good one.