Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tilapia Panang Curry with Bamboo Shoots.

Tilapia Panang Curry with bamboo shoots or " Panang Pla Sai Nor Mai" in Thai. I made shrimp Panang curry 3 days ago. Today I try to make Panang curry with Tilapai and put some bamboo shoots. Ground peanut is in the Panang curry again. It is absolutely delicious!

1) 1/2 Lb. Tilapia
2) 1 cup coconut milk
3) 1/2 Tbsp palm sugar
4) 1 1/2 Tbsp fish sauce
5) 1 cup Thai basil
6) 1/4 cup ground peanut
7) 3 kaffir lime leaves
8) 1 red bell pepper
9) 2 Tbsp Panang curry
10) 1 can shredded bamboo shoots
11) 3 fresh chillies
12) 3 cilantro roots.
13) 1/4 tsp salt


1) Wash fish and prepare to marinate with fish sauce

2) Remove chillies stems then use a mortar and pestle to crush the chillies and cilantro roots with salt.

Put 1 Tbsp fish sauce

3) Bring to marinate with clean tilapai for 20 minutes

4) Clean shredded bamboo shoots very well then bring to boil on high heat for 15 minutes

5) Drain with strainer and set aside

6) After marinated time, bring the fish to steam until cooked

7) Cut red bell pepper into 2.5" length

8) Cut kaffir lime leaves into half

9) Pick only sweet basil leaves from stems

10) Ground peanut by using mortar and pestle

11)Heat 1/2 cup of coconut milk over medium heat until the oil surfaces

12) Add Panang curry paste

13) Stir constantly for 2 minutes until fragrant and red oil surfaces then add another 1/2 of coconut milk

14) Add palm sugar, fish sauce and ground peanut

15) Stir well until all ingredients mix together.

16) Put shredded bamboo shoots into the pot and let it cook for a minute.

17) Add red bell pepper

18) Add kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil leaves

19) Stir quickly to heat sweet basil, kaffir lime leave and red pepper so they retain their colour, then remove from heat

20) Remove steamed fish from the steamer

21) Place a steamed fish into the plate

22) Then pour the Panang Curry Sauce with shredded bamboo shoots on top of fish. ENJOY!

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  1. Many thanks. I just had a go at this. I couldn’t get all the ingredients but it still came out well. Points 11 and 12 were quite a nice surprise. I’ve not worked a curry paste like that before. It’s so smooth and easy to move about.