Friday, February 12, 2010

Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice or "Khao Neow" in Thai. Sticky rice is labelled as sweet rice or glutinous rice. Here I used Thai Sweet rice that I can buy any Asian groceries. Thai people in Northeastern regions eat sticky rice. I am from northeast of Thailand or Esarn so I am grown-up with sticky rice. I am going to show you how do we make sticky rice. It is eaten with our hands by making a ball and dipping it into other dishes.And we have handwoven sticky rice serving basket to keeps sticky rice warm and moist, preserving it for long time. In Thailand, Sticky rice is steamed in long funnel baskets, you can find in Asian groceries also but here I made it with steamer.
It is simple. Sticky rice is frequently eaten with Esarn food such as Larb with variety of vegetable. I will publish next one.

2 cups sticky rice


1) Wash sticky rice until water is clear then soak the sticky rice in the water to cover the rice for at least an hour and even overnight before you cook it, otherwise you will end up with hard rice. Here, I soaked in the water overnight.

2) drain the rice

3) and bring to steam for 25-30 minutes

4) When cooked, all the rice should be translucent

5) remove to keep in handwoven sticky rice serving basket.

6) be sure, close the basket to keep sticky rice warm and moist, preserving it for long time.

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