Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green Papaya Salad ( Thai Style )

Green Papaya Salad ( Thai Style ) or (Som Tum Malagor Thai ; ส้มตำไทย )in Thai. Here is another version of Som Tum. I made Som Tum Lao last time http://amporn-oleski.blogspot.com/2010/03/green-papaya-salad.html
This is very healthy salad for you to try.

1) 1 Green Papaya
2) 1 clove garlic
3) 5 fresh chilies
4) 1/8 tsp salt
5) 3 fish sauce
7) 3 Tbsp lime juice
8) 1 Tbsp palm sugar
9) 1 tomatoes.
10) 12 long green beans.
11) 1/4 cup roasted peanuts

1) This is green papaya that you can find in Asian market.
2) Peel the fresh skin then wash the White milk off.
3) Shred green papaya, here I use 2 cups and save the rest for next time.
4) Wash all vegetables that use with Som Tum Thai, tomato, lime, long green bean, fresh chilies, garlic and prepare roasted peanuts.
5) In the mortar, coarsely pound fresh chilies, garlic, salt and small amount shredded green papaya.

6) Add roasted peanut gently pound.

7) Cut long green beans into 1 " strips then add into the mortar.
8) Pound a few times just to bruise the green beans.
9) Cut tomato into small pieces then add to the mortar.
10) Add palm sugar, fish sauce and lime juice, gently crush and mix thoroughly.
11) In a mixing bowl, mix the shredded green papaya with the mixture.
12) Stir thoroughly and serve with fresh vegetables.


  1. my tongue is on fire!!! but salad is super delicious :)

  2. very good and easy direction and looks yummmooo, i wanna try this holiday.yehhheeeyyy thanksssss