Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thai Leang Curry with Shrimp

Thai Leang Curry with Shrimp or " Kaeng Leang แกงเลียง " in Thai. I learn to cook Leang Curry Paste last week with canned, I put fresh mushrooms, long beans, baby corns, cauliflower and Thai eggplant then season to taste with fish sauce and garnish with Thai basil. This was very good.

1) 15 shrimps
2) 1 can Leang curry Paste( 114g.or 4 oz)
3) 5 mushrooms
4) 10 long green beans
5) 15 baby corn
6) 4 Thai eggplant
7) 6 cauliflower
8) 1 cup Thai basil
9) 3 fresh chilies
10) 2 1/4 cups of water
11) 1 and 1/2 fish sauce

1) Clean and peel shell of shrimps.
2) Wash and cut all vegetables into a bite.
3) Wash Thai eggplant and Thai basil then cut Thai eggplant into 4 pieces and pick only Thai basil leaves from stem.
4) Open Leang curry paste and use all of it.
5) Boil the Leang curry paste with 2 1/4 cups of water.

6) After the water is boiling, add cut of mushrooms.
7) Add cut long green beans.
8) Add cauliflower.

9) Add cut of Thai eggplant.
10) Add baby corn.
11) When all vegetable almost cook then add shrimps into the pot.
12) When the shrimps are cooked then seasoning with fish sauce.
13) Add Thai sweet basil.
14) Add sliced fresh chilies then serve with cooked rice. Enjoy.

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