Friday, March 26, 2010

Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

We went to North Carolina to attended a birthday party at my brother-in-law, Darren last weekend. This is another one happy family that I have ever been with. They are very nice, funny and very smart couple and they have two sons, they are very gentle and sweet kids that I have ever seen. We had a wonderful time to be with our family and friends who come from everywhere in the world. They are so nice, gentle and kind person. I am delighted to know them. And the night before I left. I made some Thai dish for my family. They are vegetarian and it was challenge to me. But I didn’t have any hard time at all to cook for vegetarian. I just cook with tofu, vegetables and use thin soy sauce substitute for fish sauce. However this was not my first time to cook for my family. I always cook Thai dish for them when they came to my house and sometime we go visit them and they love it. I would like to thank my sister-in-law, Judi who took me to the Asian grocery and helped me the whole time in the kitchen.

Judi, Elliot, Tyler and Darren.

Carolyn, Sara, Amporn and David ( Photographer)

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