Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shrimp and Mix green Salad with Anchovy Dressing.

Shrimp and Mix green Salad with Anchovy Dressing or I called Carolyn's Salad. Here is my mother-in-law recipe that she taught my husband, David how to make it and he is the person who taught me this dish. It's only one dish that isn't Thai food that I can cook here. This is very healthy salad and the main ingredients is anchovy. We made for many friends who came to our house and they loved to eat this salad. They said they dislike anchovy but they can't know there was anchovy inside the dressing. This is for my friend who lives n Denver, PA. He loves this recipe and I would love to make this blog for him to cook from his kitchen. He's the other friend who flew 10,000 miles to be at our wedding in my village at Thailand. We are honored to have best friend with us. Thank you, Kevin again. And today is birthday of my mother-in-law. Happy birthday, mom Carolyn.

Ingredients for the dressing:
1) 1 cup mint leaves.
2) 1/2 jar of Anchovy
3) 1 clove garlic
4) 1/8 tsp salt
5) 2 Tbsp red vinegar
6) 4 Tbsp olive oil
7) 2 lemons juice or 6 Tbsp lemon juice

Ingredients for Mix green Salad:
1) 15 cooked shrimps
2) 1/2 package feta cheese.
3) 1 cucumber
4) 1 bell green pepper
5) 1 ice lettuce
6) 1 onion
7) 1 box grape tomatoes.

Preparation for vegetable.
1) Peel shell of shrimps.
2) Brings those shrimps to cook by boiling.
3) After shrimps are cooked. Drained and set aside.
4) Cut feta 1/2 package in small dices. Then set aside (See photo)

5) Peel cucumber and wash it. Then cut the cucumber into bite size .

6) Wash bell green pepper and take the seed out then cut the it into bite size .
7) Wash grape tomatoes and set aside.
8) Slice onion into small pieces.
9) Cut ice lettuce into the small bite size then wash in the big bowl.

10) Use salad spinner to dry the lettuce.

12) In big mixing bowl, add cut bell green pepper, cut cucumber and grape tomatoes.
13) Add Sliced onion.
14) Add dried ice lettuce.
15) Toss all vegetables until get together.
16) Add cut feta cheese.
17) Add cooked shrimps.
18) Then toss all ingredients until mix together again. And set aside.

Preparation for dressing.
1) Prepare anchovy from the jar. Or you can use anchovy paste.
2) Wash mint leaves and pick only leaves from the stems.
3) Add 1/8 tsp salt and garlic to crush in the mortar.
4) Next add mint leaves to crush.
5) Crush the mint leaves thoroughly.
6) Add anchovy into the mortar to crush thoroughly. ( See photo)

7) Add olive oil, lemon juice, red vinegar into the mortar.
8) Use the pestle mix all ingredients together.
9) Now you have the dressing. It is supposed to taste sour and tasty. The dressing is packed full of healthy olive oil , red vinegar, mint, garlic, anchovies and lemon juice.
10) Pour the anchovy dressing into the bog mixing bowl.
11) Toss green salad with anchovy dressing until all ingredients get together.
12) Here is another healthy salad for another meal. Enjoy it.

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