Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thai Steamed Curry Seafood in Young Coconut

Thai Steamed Curry Seafood in Young Coconut or "Hor Mok Talay Ma-Praow On" in Thai. The young coconut is Ma-Praow ( Coconut) On ( Young) in Thai. I went to Asian Supermarket last time and I got 2 of young coconuts. I didn't plan to make this dish when I have those young coconut here this is the right time to make Thai Steamed Curry Seafood in Young Coconut. It's not easy to find to eat in the restaurant here in the State. When we were Thailand we had this dish everyday. It cost us like 3.5 $ to order this in Thailand. We found one Thai restaurant at New Jersey has this menu. We ordered and It's real good taste. But it cost us 8 times higher than Thailand. So now I try to learn to make it. When you open coconut you will see the clear liquid inside young coconuts that called coconut water. Coconut water is the popular drink in Thailand. A very young coconut has very little meat, and the meat is very tender, almost a gel so I used it for the ingredient of the food tonight. The Combining the flavor of fresh young coconuts meat with red curry, Thai Basil and kaffir lime leaf. It has amazing flavor on the food. It's just delicious. This is another one of my favorite and it's top ten menu in Thailand and I don't know why. Maybe it's good present the food in coconut that's why it's very attractive and make people like to order this dish.

1) 1/4 Lb. Tilapia
2) 10 shrimp
3) 1/2 Lb. octopus.
4) 1 egg
5) 2 Tbsp lite soy sauce or fish sauce
6) 1/2 Tbsp rice flour
7) 1 sprig cilantro
8) 3 fresh chilies
9) 3 kaffer lime leaves
10) 2 Tbsp red curry
11) 1/2 Tbsp palm sugar
12) 1 can or 2 cups cup coconut milk( use Thick part)
13) 2 cups napa
14) 1 cup Thai basil
15) 2 Young coconuts.

1) Clean all seafood, peel shell of shrimps, clean octopus and cut fish into 1.5" length.

2) Pour 3 cups water in a pot, bring to boil on high heat, add seafood , scald for 2 minutes. Then drain and set aside.
3) Wash your coconut very well.
Open the young coconut from the top and big enough to fill the curry sauce into it. You can drink the fresh coconut water. This is refreshing and smooth.
4) Scrape the young coconut meat from the coconut.

Set aside for filling the curry sauce in it and bring to steam.
This is young coconut meat.
5) Wash kaffir lime leaves and pick the fresh chilies from the stem then finely slice.
6) Wash Thai basil and pick the leaves from the stems and cut Napa into very small pieces.
7) Pour water in a pot, bring to boil. When the water is boiling add cut napa and Thai basil leaves in boiled water and let it boil for 2 minutes. Pour out hot water and rinse in cold water.
Squeeze napa to bring water out and set aside.
8) Heat coconut milk 3/4 cups in a pot on medium heat. And separate 1/4 cup in small bowl for topping.
9) Add red curry into the pot.
10) Add scalded seafood into the pot and seasoning with fish sauce and palm sugar.
11) Add napa that you bring water out .
12) Add finely sliced fresh chillies and kaffir lime leaves then mix well.
13) Add one egg into the sauce pan then mix all ingredients until get together.
14) Add young coconut meat and mix well.

15) Now you got curry sauce and place it into the coconut.
Bring the separate coconut milk to mix with rice flour then put on microwave for a minute. Put some coconut cream , some sliced kaffir lime leaves, cilantro and sliced fresh chilies on top of Hor Mok.
Bring to steam for 20 minutes. It doesn't need take time to long because all ingredients are cooked before place in the coconut. I steam here to retain a coconut flavor and aroma.

Here is Thai Steamed Curry Seafood in Young Coconut. Enjoy!


  1. How beautiful! I serve my yoga students young coconuts after our class; it replaces minerals and such after exercise.

    I would like to try this!

  2. Thank you! try to make it sometime and let me know. I am glad you foud its usful. I love to do yoga with my husband and my dog too,

  3. Hi! :)

    I wanted to write in and say that I've made three of your recipes, this one included, and I've loved every one of them.

    My boyfriend has gone to Thailand twice and longs for the food. When he tried your recipes, he was in heaven! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and I love your blog.


  4. Thank you for posting your recipe. We had a wonderful dish similar to this in Petchaburi on the beach.. it was DIVINE! I'm going to try yours this weekend. I can get everything at 99 Ranch Market in San Diego