Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vegetarian Phad Thai

Vegetarian Phad Thai. I made Phad Thai with shrimp last month. Today I made again for vegetarian. I cook 4 dishes for our meal on next a few days. I will do my best to do entry everyday. Today my lovely husband have gutted the kitchen. You might see some photos with the floor look messy and the light isn't enough for my photos. I made this dish for my family on last week at Chapel, Hill, NC. I would love to make this recipe for them, in case they want to make it again. And I hope everyone can enjoy this vegetarian Phad Thai too.

1) 1/2 Lb. rice noodle
2) 3 eggs
3) 1/2 cup roast peanut
4) 4 Tbsp canola oil
5) 2 shallots
6) 5 cloves garlic
7) 2 cups bean sprout
8) 2 cups Chinese chives ( or garlic leaf or green onion)
9) 2 cups diced extra firm tofu or 1 package

Ingredients for Phad Thai Sauce
1) 1/3 Cup water
2) 3 Tbsp tamarind concentrate
2) 7 Tbsp thin soy sauce
3) 2 1/2 Tbsp Palm sugar

Preparation for Phad Thai Sauce
1) In small pot, heat all ingredients for the sauce on low heat.

2) Mix all ingredients get together until palm sugar get melt.

3) Remove from heat and pour into bowl set aside for next step.

Preparation for Phad Thai:
1) Soak dry noodle for 10-15 minutes or until noodle get soft.
2) After soak with the noodles. Drained noodles and set aside.
3) Wash bean sprout and Chinese chives. Cut Chinese chives into 2" length.
4) Prepare spiced dry tofu. You can find at Asian supermaket.
5) Wash Tofu very well.
6) Cut spiced dry tofu into small dices.
7) Peel garlic and shallots and wash them well. Then thinly slice shallots and chop garlic.
8) Use mortar and pestle ground peanuts.

9) In a pan, heat canola oil on medium.
10) When oil get hot then add chopped garlic and sliced shallots into the pan. Stir until fragrant. 11) Add cut tofu into the pan.
12) Add Phad Thai sauce 1/3 of mixture to stir with tofu for a few minutes. Save the rest of Phad Thai sauce to seasoning with noodles.
13) Add noodles into the pan and stir well. Then add the remaining of Phad sauce to stir with noodle until get mix.
14) Make room for eggs in the middle, scramble with spatula, and spread eggs in a thin layer until cook.
15) Stir well until the sauce cover all noodles. 16) Add Chinese chives and stir thoroughly.
17) Add ground peatnut and mix all together.
18) Add besn sprout.
19) Stir well, make sure everything mix together and enjoy!

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