Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vegetarian Tofu Red Curry in Bamboo Shoots

Vegetarian Tofu Red Curry in Bambo Shoots or " Khang Phed Tofu Sai Nor Mai" I made on last February with shrimps. I made the red curry sauce again for vegetarian food. I like to make it sometime when I am running out seafood. This is very big pot.

1) 1 package spiced thick dry tofu
2) 1 can shredded bamboo shoots (can bamboo shoots)
3) 1 Tbsp palm sugar
4) 4 Tbsp thin soy sauce
5) 1 cup Thai Basil
6) 5 fresh chillies
7) 2 kaffir lime leaves
8) 1 can coconut milk or 2 cup
9) 4 Tbsp red curry paste

1) Wash and cut tofu into small bite or the way you like.

2) Open the bamboo shoots from the can, and bring to boil for 15 minutes.
3) Drained and set aside.
4) Wash fresh chilies and kaffir lime leaves and cut into halves.
5) Wash Thai basil and pick Thai sweet basil from the stems.
6) Wash red bell pepper and cut into 2 " length.

7) Pour coconut milk into the pot on medium heat until boil.
8) Add red curry paste.
9) Stir well.
10) Add cut tofu into the pot for 2 minutes or until cook.
11) Add cut kaffir lime leaves.
12) Add shredded bamboo shoots and seasoning with thin soy sauce and palm sugar and stir well.
13) Add cut red bell pepper.
14) Add Thai basil leaves and stir thoroughly.
15) Add cut fresh chilies and stir until get together.
16) Stir quickly for few seconds and remove from the heat. Enjoy dish!


  1. nice photos and i could eat that tonight for sure we will be back in udon thani next week and get to eat some great street food i just love the night market keep on blogging i follow a few good thai food blogs
    regards john

  2. Thank you John, Wow, are you going to Udon Thani. That's so cool. I miss my home town. My husband and I went to Thai temple today. We had a nice time to be with Thais for a half day. Hope you enjoy the trip and eat lots of Thai food and enjoy Thai new yeat too. Wish I could be there to celebrate Songkran Festival. Have a good one.