Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stir-fried Spicy Tilapia

Stir-fried Spicy Tilapai or "Phad Cha Pla" in Thai. This is another one of our favorite dish. We had first time at Thai restaurant called Bangkok Garden in Bethesda, Maryland. To us, this is the best Thai restaurant in the United State. They are not afraid to put Thai ingredients in the food and there is lot of menu to order but this dish is the one of the menu that we always ordered to eat in this Bangkok Garden every single time we go there. I cook this dish first time here in my kitchen. I never can find young green pepper corn anywhere. Finally, I got it in Lancaster, PA. It was hot and absolutely delicious. There is lot of herbs in the dish. It’s very healthy dish. I made it very hot if you don’t eat spicy food you can take some fresh chilies pepper out from the ingredients. If you like very strong flavor of Thai food you will love this dish very much.

1) 1 Lb. Tilapai
2) 6 cloves garlics
3) 7 fresh chilies pepper
4) 1/4 cup sliced Kra Chai Root
5) 3 stalks lemongrass
6) 1 Tbsp young green pepper Corn
7) 1 cup Thai Basil leaf
8) 5 sliced Shallots
9) 1/4 cup oil for fry the fish
10) 2 Tbsp for stir-fried
11) 1/2 Tbsp sugar
12) 2 Tbsp lite soy sauce or think soy sauce

1) 1) Clean the Tilapai and cut into 2 “ pieces.
2) Sprinkle with salt and prepare to fry on the pan.
3) Peel the shallots and wash it very well then slice into the small pieces.
4) Wash Kra Chai Root very well then shred it.
5) Cut the end of lemongrass then thinly slice.
6) Take out the young green pepper corn from the jar and pick up only the seeds from the stems.
7) Peel garlic and take the stems out from fresh chilies and clean very well.

8) Use the mortar and pestle to crash the garlic and fresh chilies pepper .
9) Wash Thai basil leaves and pick only the leaves from the stems.
10) Heat the ¼ cup oil on medium heat.
11) When oil is hot put cut Tilapai to fry until cook.
12) When the fish is cooked them flip another side to fry until cook.
13) Drain the fried Tilapai on paper towel.
14) Heat 2 Tbsp. canola oil on on medium heat.
15) When oil is hot, add pounded garlic and chillies, fry until fragrant.
16) Then Add sliced shallots to fry until fragrant.
17) Add cooked fish into the pan and seasoning with lite soy sauce and sugar.
18) Add shredded Kra Chai into the pan.
19) Add Sliced lemongrass into the pan.
20) Add young green pepper corn into the pan then stir thoroughly.
21) Add Thai basil leaves.
21) And stir well until all ingredients get together ,then remove from the heat. Enjoy your dish!

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